Bonnie Anglin won the NAPP editor's choice award.

Bonnie Anglin won the top Imaging Award from DesignFirms for her second month in a row.

Anglin Art and Design won a Silver Web Award from the World Wide Web Awards.

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Partial Client List

  • So. Cal Field Office Photographer
     ATF Dept of Justice
  • Custom Shadow Box
  • Steven Kent Winery
  • Olivina Olive Oil
  • Tres Classique Oils & Vingars
  • Innersense Beauty Products
  • Betties Shoes
  • Livermore Chamber of Commerce
  • Tri-Valley Bank
  • Lonzo Designs Graphic Web Design


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NAPP National Association of Photoshop Professionals

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Anglin Art & Design

Bonnie Anglin Commercial Photographer

Bonnie Anglin was destined to become a photographer from the day she was born. She was raised by a family of artists, in Los Angeles, California and was constantly exposed to music, sculpting, painting, dancing, photography and art history, particularly American Indian art. It became quite apparent at a very early age that she was to follow in their footsteps. She started writing poetry at only 8 years old and formed a love for photography when she got her first camera soon after that. It was not unusual to see her with a camera around her neck, carrying a notebook and pencil.  Other art media interested her, but photography was always her passion. By the time she was a teenager, she was assisting her father in photography shoots for his advertising agency. Jazz album covers were one of his specialties, and Bonnie was often his assistant photographer.

Bonnie started her formal study of photography at the University of California in Northridge, where she won numerous photography contests and awards for her photography. She also studied photography at the prestigious Banff School of Fine Arts in Canada.

After graduating, she continued her work as a assistant photographer with her father, now learning the art of magazine ad photography. Aside from album covers, liquor and wine accounts were another mainstay of her father's agency work. Bonnie furthered her education by utilizing special photography techniques for photo composition and content writing, on a variety of subjects.

Bonnie uses her Canon EOS-IDS Mark II for most of her photography, but for some outings it is more convenient for her to use the Canon EOS-20D because it is light weight and easy to carry.
Bonnie's photography is taken with a variety of lenses using special photography techniques that her trained eyes see in a special way. A macro lens is a favorite tool in Bonnie's photography to capture the intricate details of a blade of grass, a still life scene or some common object that creates magnificent art captured in her photography. A regular lens is an essential photographer's tool for taking photos of the immediate world, but with Bonnie's trained eye a unique moment is captured in time and documented forever by her photography. And, photography of wildlife, like a dolphin dancing out in the ocean, would be impossible for a photographer to capture without a telephoto lens, another favorite photography tool.

Bonnie resides in Brush Prairie, Washington. She specializes in commercial photography, in addition to having private showings, and selling her fine art photography, Bonnie now uses her expertise and heritage in uniquely promoting products and services for all her many commercial accounts.

Bonnie Anglin can usually be found with a camera around her neck, just watching and waiting for that perfect photograph, or in her studio setting up the perfect shot. Photography is Bonnie's passion which consumes her days very quickly and gives her the satisfaction that an artist's soul strives for.

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